R I V E R S I D E   E L D E R   L A W   A N D   E S T A T E   P L A N N I N G   L A W  F I R M

This principally comes into play in three areas:

  • Protection of assets from lawsuits, judgments, claims and levies – often in a business context;​

  • Protection, principally of the family residence, from claims by the State of California resulting from public benefits paid out for the care of a loved one, in a skilled nursing facility (Medi-Cal claims against the home); and

  • Bankruptcy.

Protect what you worked

 everyday  for

​​​​​​​Asset Preservation, Protection and Repositioning



​​Asset protection means keeping your property safe from being taken by someone who wins a lawsuit against you. This can range from a lawsuit related to a negligent act that you performed, such as causing a car accident, to a lawsuit related to the foreclosure of property for which you have stopped paying the mortgage.  Asset protection planning must begin long before there is any sign of a lawsuit.